United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

UKLDA is in association with Everything Line Dance Ltd and supported by World Dance Stream.

UK Line Dance Awards will be held in November, and the nomination period will run for the month of September, each year.

  • Nominating & voting only open to UK residents. (tracked by IP address/email/located country)
  • UK Dances in each ‘dance level’ category are classified as dances that are popular with UK dancers regardless of choreographer origin (any dance in the world can be nominated).
  • All other category nominees must be UK residents.
  • Strictly no official team member of the UKLDA or associated companies may be nominated in any category.
  • Categories where a panel vote is required will still have a public vote and this will count towards the final result.

Further information will be added to this page soon. If you have any enquires please do not hesitate in contacting us contact@uklda.com